Sunday, 5 October 2014

History of Sport


Sports is an act using brain and body, including being practiced in accordance with technology and facilities,the rules have devised by humans, the elements of play and competition, physical discipline. There are so many of sport today, such as basketball, football or soccer, badminton, gymnastic etc..

Thought to be considered the sport as "physical sports" is that you used the body is strong in Japan, but are included in the sport originally of principals also "mind sports" the brain, such as computing power and thinking. Is sometimes referred to as a recreational sport (if you make the purpose of the main things moving body and enjoy that) if it has Champion sports, an element of play or higher if it is performed for the purpose of main record win or loss as a competition.


Not play a load negative form is date back to deportare of Latin etymology of sports and responsible for the load "portare or nuance, referred to as a take away the sorrow, carry away to another location what is Turned , it is considered from the sense of language that "does not work, that it has led to the sport of current through to the" distraction, play, and the "enjoy desport of old French.

Its original meaning is held still, but that meaning has changed with the times. 17th century - the 18th century, sport was first refers to the hunting of fox hunting or the like which is a privileged play landlord Jentori emerging class.

However, when entering the 19th century, and Christians (muscular Christian) movement, personality formation theory by athletics is the rise. and sport, is operated in compliance with rules that were developed umbrella organization (such as Federation), and compared as record the game result, it came to mean in the first competition, which justified the update. It is a modern sport this is done today.

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